Strategic Partnerships

Wealth Management = Investment Consulting  + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management

Our ability to address key financial issues beyond investment management is essential to delivering the complete wealth management process. Affluent clients want more than just a one-time financial plan that rapidly goes out of date. They also want more than just an efficient investment consulting service (the ‘IC’ in our wealth management formula). They want a process that helps them make smarter decisions about all of their financial issues as they move forward throughout their lives. 

This is where the Advanced Planning, the ‘AP’ in our wealth management formula comes in. This is provided via our carefully selected network of professional firms who specialise in dealing with clients of the complexity and wealth typically seen in our clients. They provide an integrated part of our wealth management process and the management of our relationships with them, together with the relationship we have with our clients form the ‘RM’ part of the wealth management formula. In other words, our professional network partners lie at the heart of our process. 

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