The Bridgewater Financial Planning process

We have a nine-stage approach to helping you achieve your objectives.

1. Initial Meeting

This is about YOU. What are your real goals and objectives? What personal values you have and what lifestyle do you want? What planning have you done or not done already? We will ask you for an overview of your current policies and situation prior to this meeting.

2. Establish your Current Position

Before a strategy can be put in place we must determine exactly where you are currently. We liaise directly with the insurance companies and investment houses regarding your existing arrangements. We can then compile an accurate picture of where you are now. This will also include ascertaining your current expenditure, and also the income you will need in retirement and death/illness (if relevant).

3. Establish your Attitude to Risk

This includes a comprehensive risk evaluation process. This will both include your views on risk and is also fundamental to the growth rate assumed in your Financial Planning Template, as well as deciding on debt repayment v investing.

4. Creation of a Financial Planning Template

Once your objectives are known and your current position has been verified, we build your financial forecast(s). This demonstrates how far your existing arrangements come to helping you achieve your financial goals. It also enables us to identify areas of weakness and vulnerability. The most important purpose that this exercise plays is that it helps us identify and quantify any shortfalls you may have in your planning as it stands.

5. Formulation of Advice

We prepare an agenda of areas that require attention, and where appropriate will complete the research necessary to be able to make a firm recommendation.

6. Strategy Meeting

This meeting will reaffirm your objectives by interrogating your financial forecast. Since we now understand your affairs in great detail we can then outline the strategy you should adopt to achieve your objectives. This will incorporate wealth creation, or wealth preservation if appropriate, to ensure that once financial independence is achieved your position is protected. Underpinning your entire programme, if necessary, will be the appropriate insurance to guard against illness or death. This meeting will “fine tune” the advice we give you, and resolve any issues outstanding for your peace of mind.

7. Summary Report

Following our strategy meeting we will send you a summary report outlining our specific recommendations and planning advice.