Business Clients

Successful business trading, clear Strategy which is delivered as expected, and smooth transition from one generation to the next is an important part of Family and Private Equity based growth business. Similarly, individuals who are building Family Wealth and are occupied in executive management employment or self -employed advisor roles, can benefit from the Insight and practical support provided via such service to bring Best Practice and Competitive Advantage to their employer or clients.

Focus on Success – profitability and growth Non- Executive and Periodic Advisory Services explained :
How do Family and Private Businesses benefit from advisory and consulting support services and close the typical gaps and challenges they face: 

  • Time owners and directors do not have enough time to undertake all the activities they know they should conduct when running their business, or they dilute the effective use of their skills and contacts

  • Knowledge they may not have all the skills and knowledge to grow a successful business as fast as they would wish

  • Finance they may not have the expertise and contacts to source the right mix of funding to support resource requirements for those next key steps

  • An external perspective is often missed creating internal tension and division, missed opportunity or inappropriate risk management. Governance and regulatory compliance are often overlooked with great hidden costs

  • People they often need help on finding or keeping: signposting to suitable agencies, in recruiting, managing and retaining the best of class individuals and teams

  • Business Resilience businesses are often buffeted by macro economic, digital, competitive and regulatory changes as well as cyber and other fraud and cost misalignment

  • Growth The Business Purpose, The Business Model, the Strategy and the execution of all that goes with this are not always clear ( owners may lose sight of what they are trying to achieve, or be frustrated with risk of ill health or family tension) nor robust nor properly communicated

  • Customers a detailed understanding of what customers require is sometimes overlooked, customer segmentation can be fuzzy and a lack of insight as to why customers and prospects do not buy from the business often hinders growth and better profits

Services can be provided on a regular basis from as little as £500 per month for round the table review of key issues, independent advices and follow up actions- including unlimited reasonable support by telephone, email and Face Time. Any projects or introduction to partnered professional firms is based on fully transparent arrangements with no costs or obligations incurred until the client fully understands the service offered and why and reward arrangements are documented and formally agreed by all parties.

Our services close gaps for business and provide benefits to support Profitability and Growth – leading to Success – include:

  • Strategy advising a framework to assess ‘Fit for Growth’ and providing project based workshop support as an option to create clear and robust Business Purpose and Models, Strategy Plans and effective delivery processes

  • Corporate Governance and Risk management advising and helping to create and communicate the Values, Behaviours, Code of Conduct, Risk Management and Controls to make the business attractive for investment or sale and exit, facilitate planned growth and profitability and get the best out of the whole team

  • Sourcing and Negotiating Funding using our relationships with leading providers in this complex area, with ability to source the widest range of finance ( debt, equity and everything in between ) properly explained and negotiated to protect the business owners whilst achieving realistic solutions

  • Board processes and Reporting Packs ensuring the business has effective holistic oversight through financial and qualitative measures and KPIs of what has happened and steerage on all future matters of key importance

  • Human Resource solutions including recruitment in partnership with ethical and high quality niche agencies, talent management and retention advices, leadership and executive mentoring through introduction of nationally recognised professionals in this arena

  • Network, Event and Contact management support through linking into our pre- eminent professional contact and resource base in association with leading professional service businesses regionally, in London and where relevant globally through a network of high quality partnered resources

  • Litigation and Issues Advice recognising most businesses at certain points face challenging issues for the owners or the business itself; knowing where to turn and how to manage these risks to a successful outcome and upside

  • Client presentation and development effective support and advices as to mining more business from existing customers and gaining new ones and assistance and independent advice on how your business communicates its offer and unique service to differentiate itself from the competition 

Benefits of our Advisory & Business Consulting services

There are many benefits for Family and Private businesses to engage and use our services ( and those of our Strategic Partners who provide other functional expertise such as Legal Services, Finance and PR/Communications and Branding). 

Because of the extensive experience we provide, gained over 30 plus years in the UK and internationally in this sector but also in many large corporate and listed businesses, together with the extensive close and trusted partner professionals we have got to know well, we bring Success through Profitability and Growth ( and priming the Exit/Sale of Business when you are ready ). 

Benefits include:

  • Expertise that small and mid sized businesses cannot afford to carry full time or continuously

  • Cost effective executive skills
• Extensive contacts for introductions to new business and other professional support and creating practical , solutions

  • Access to funding sources accompanied by expertise and negotiation support

  • Filling skills gaps

  • Increasing sales and reducing costs with better cash flow

  • Coaching, mentoring, support for the link between Family and Business and ‘being there ‘when things are tough’

  • Advising and facilitating solutions and resources to grow the business and achieve better profitability

  • Ensuring the operation of your business is best in class and is flexible as to not locking into unnecessary overhead but maintains robust reporting and analysis

  • Training on referral marketing, effective networking and new client development

  • Helping management make difficult decisions and resource choices with an independent eye

  • Constructive challenge to other management or external stakeholders when appropriate

BUSINESS CONSULTING – THE Bridgewater approach